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Machinery Moving Services

We can help whether you are moving a single machine or relocating your entire business across short and long distances. We are experienced in hauling large loads with the utmost care and attention to detail, always getting there safely and on-time. Give us a call today and let one of our onsite consultants assist you in moving even the most complex production or laboratory facility, we service a wide range of industries expertly and efficiently.
Our expert business movers  can help you plan every step of the way from disassembly, packing, and transporting heavy equipment and any type of business relocations. We haul heavy machines anywhere from single machines to entire turnkey plant relocations.

Laboratory Equipment Moving

We have been moving sensitive laboratory equipment and scientific heavy machinery for over 20 years. We handle your equipment safely and get it there on time.

Costa Mesa Machinery Movers has the most modern equipment to handle heavy loads, we have been moving scientific and medical laboratory equipment with our air-ride fleet of trucks, heavy haulers, vans, and high capacity cranes and forklifts.


Our team includes a fleet of modern massive heavy haulers that can move large industrial and commercial machines for your business relocation needs. We have a fleet of air-ride vehicles including trucks, vans, and high capacity cranes and forklifts.

Costa Mesa Machinery Movers is your partner in rigging and hauling heavy equipment, machine removals, machinery transportation, oversized load hauling, and turnkey facility relocation.

Machine Assembly/Disassembly

Our moving consultants can go onsite to disassemble heavy machines. Give us a call whether you are moving one single machine or relocating your entire plant of operations. We are committed to providing you the best service at the lowest cost. We can provide you with expert service when you want to have machines disassembled and moved.

Our team has extensive experience dealing with machines of all industries. You can trust us to safely disassemble your heavy equipment and haul it where you need it.


Our professional movers can help you customize each move according to the hauling needs of your business relocation project. We arrange all the permits and escorts and technical support needed for each business move.

Costa Mesa Machinery Movers is a leading heavy haul specialist company with over 20 years experience serving small and large businesses with their machinery moving and plant relocation needs.

Turn-Key Facility Relocation

We have become a trusted leader in facility relocations and whether you are opening, closing, or relocating a facility, moving a production line, or need to rig and move heavy equipment to a new location, Costa Mesa Machinery Movers is your partner. We specialize in the relocation of machines and support systems for manufacturing and industrial plants of all types.
We can help you whether you are moving one heavy machine or relocating your entire operation across short and long distances. Our clients trust us to rig and haul heavy machines for all types of businesses, we are familiar with a lot of machines.
We help businesses relocate their production and turkey facility manufacturing plants, construction sites, and entire operations for over 20 years. Let us help.

Custom Crating and Packaging

We also offer our clients many customized packing and crating solutions since 1990. We take on special projects requiring considerations for sensitivity to light, temperature, and designed shock absorbent packaging solutions for fragile laboratory equipment.

We are experienced in building custom wooden crating and specialized packaging, including specialty containers, flat racks, and pallets.

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